Tarot Course • Learn Tarot in 3 Hours • English Online Video

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Discover the Power of Tarot to Reshape Your Life!

    • Are you looking for quick and useful answers to your burning questions?
    • Are you eager to start using your Tarot deck and confidently read for yourself / others?
    • Are you looking for a rapid, practical method to master your Tarot cards?
    • Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards what really matters?

Everyone struggles when they start to read Tarot cards. 

There are 78 cards and thousands of meanings attached, so learning Tarot as a beginner can soon turn into a difficult and frustrating experience.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Tarot can bring huge value to any reader, that’s why I created a quick, practical and intuitive method to help you master your Tarot cards and confidently read on any topic for yourself / anyone else.

TaroTerapia Method can make Tarot familiar to you in only 3 hours!

You get Unlimited Online Access to this Recorded Video Course: watch it anytime, anywhere, as frequently as you wish.
You get your Tarot Course in English, you can have automatic subtitles in any other language.
Start your fascinating Tarot journey now!

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The Tarot Course with TaroTerapia Method is your key to unlock the wisdom of the cards and gain quick, valuable insights into any area of your life. Learn Tarot in 3 hours and start applying it for all areas which matter to you!

Why Choose Our Tarot Course?

Immediate, Unlimited Access

tarot course with immediate access online recorded video

This course comes in a recorded video format, that you can easily access online anywhere, whenever you wish to – your access is unlimited. Whether you’re using a phone, tablet or PC, you can benefit from learning at your own pace, without the risk of losing your valuable lessons.

Confident Tarot Reading Skills

Vrei să înveți să interpretezi Tarotul Ghidul începătorului

Are you new to Tarot or looking to refine your skills? This course provides the essential knowledge you need to decipher Tarot card meanings, card interactions and extract the information you seek. You’ll quickly discover how Tarot can guide you towards clarity, self-discovery and personal transformation.

Practical Solutions

curs tarot rapid practic intuitiv taroterapia

Beyond the useful theory, this course offers you plenty of hands-on exercises to help you build your Tarot skills. You’ll reach insightful Tarot interpretations that you can apply for yourself / others.

A Broader Perspective

curs tarot rapid practic intuitiv video taroterapia

Tarot can unlock the hidden aspects of your unconscious. Tarot can reveal your obstacles, it can guide you forward with wisdom, towards your goals. The course offers you ways to get a deep understanding of the challenges you face and gain creative solutions to address them.

Develop Your Intuition

curs tarot rapid practic dezvolta-ti intuitia

You can learn smart methods to grasp Tarot cards meanings intuitively, allowing you to decipher subtle signals within the cards. As you connect deeper with your intuition, you’ll sharpen your awareness, align with your inner self and make wiser choices.

Support for Continuous Learning

curs tarot rapid practic invata

I know support can be crucial for your learning process, so you can share with me your own interpretations, reflections, questions after completing this course. TaroTerapia Community is a nurturing place for personal development and transformation, we embrace the unique, genuine learning experience of each member.

Certificate of Completion


Upon completing this course, you’ll receive a certificate of completion. Just reach out to us at to claim it.

Sneak Peek at Some Topics of This Course:

cuprins curs de tarot

  • What is the story behind each Tarot card?
  • How to read Tarot for Love • Relationships • Career • Personal Development • Finances • any other area?
  • Discover fast and practical secrets to read multiple Tarot cards, get your meaningful interpretations
  • Find out the energy of your significant relationships: what brings you together? what stands in your way? what are your challenges? what is helping you progress?
  • Learn how to quickly get hints about the Past • Present • Future of any situation
  • Discover how to spot Time in Tarot, get ready for interesting details!
  • Unlock the deep causes behind the obvious
  • Quickly spot personality traits through Tarot
  • Get useful clues about someone’s age, looks or behavior
  • Discover how to embed astrology and numerology in your Tarot practice
  • Go through the multiple exercises, case studies, they will help you see things much clearer
  • Types of hands-on spreads and how to apply them for your burning questions
  • Find out, for any situation: what blocks you – what helps you – guidance – what you can change
  • …and much more!


interpretare tarot

  • Practical Tarot Mastery: You’ll get skilled at reading Tarot in a practical way for yourself and others
  • Wiser Decisions: You’ll get new perspectives to enhance wiser decisions in love, relationships, career, finances, personal development areas
  • Quick Answers: You’ll have a hands-on method to unlock hidden messages about whatever aspect matters to you
  • Enhanced Intuition: You’ll strengthen your intuition and uncover the insights of the cards through your own filter
  • Learning Material at Your Fingertips: Unlimited access to all course resources, explanations, exercises anytime, anywhere
  • Connection and Guidance: Reach out to TaroTerapia for any question related to this Tarot Course or your practice 

Who Is This Course for?

semnificatii carti tarot

  • For you, if you love unveiling secrets, getting new perspectives and the true meaning of your life events 
  • For you, if you are a practical, hands-on learner
  • For you, if you are looking for useful insights on the human psyche
  • For you, if you are a beginner Tarot enthusiast
  • For you, if you are a Tarot deck owner and have no clue on how to make it work
  • For you, if you are an intermediate Tarot enthusiast and wish to go deeper into Tarot study
  • For you, no matter your experience level, if you want to discover the quick and practical TaroTerapia Method

Embrace the Tarot journey and discover how the cards can accompany you in your life experiences, on your path to self-discovery.

Remember, you’re the traveler and Tarot can be your precious guide to unlock your genuine potential, make wiser decisions and reshape your life.

Start your inspired journey today!

Course duration: 3 hours


You get your access to the course delivered as link in an email to your Gmail account, within minutes to maximum several hours after your payment confirmation.

Technical requirements

To access this course you need:

  • A Gmail account, where you will get your course link 
  • any device connected to Internet (phone, PC, tablet)

Optional: You can have a Rider Waite Tarot deck at hand, or any other deck that you resonate with. This course offers you the full visual support that you need for learning, so having a Tarot deck beforehand is not required. You can also decide afterwards what deck is suitable for your practice – you can find some guidance here 


You can buy this course clicking on the above „ADD TO CART” button („ADAUGĂ ÎN COȘ”), you can pay either by card or bank transfer. For any question, feel free to reach out:

Refund Policy

This is a digital product and is not refundable.

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